Five Benefits of Waking Up Early to Write

A friend recently ask me, “How do you get up the energy to sit down and write so early in the morning?”

I thought about it. “Medium makes it easy.”

I used to, randomly, wake up and write things in a journal, but often that journal would go unmarked because somehow the incentive of just knowing something about myself was not as important over time.

As I got older — I am 40 years old now — I knew more about myself. I became comfortable with msyelf. And fewer things became a mystery within myself.

What became more important, it was clear, was what was going on with other people? Were they like me?

So the incentive to write early in the morning is really about creating a collection of thoughts that connect me to other people. Here are the five benefits of waking up with a mindset to write, in order to find out how to connect with people on a deeper level.

  1. Work is sometimes not the place for meaningful conversations, but opening up a fresh page and filling that white space with “just whatever is going on right now,” kind of clears out all that anticipation or desire for that kind of connection with the first person you see in the morning. You can walk into work having a clear head, and actually be more open to what’s going on for them.



writer; CEO of a travel company

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