• Frank Mastronuzzi

    Frank Mastronuzzi

    Founding Partner @punchfinancial, VP Business Development @GreenoughGroup, CFO, MBA, SF-Based, consummate optimist, proud zio, proud daddy of Luca, the Wheaten

  • Niall O’Gorman

    Niall O’Gorman

    #Impulse #Ecommerce #Innovation in #Enterprise & #Startups

  • Deborah Ng

    Deborah Ng

    Deborah Ng is a freelance writer doing her best to avoid going back to a full time office job.

  • Murat K. Berme

    Murat K. Berme

    I like Microsoft and entrepreneurship.

  • Virginia Rios

    Virginia Rios

    Mi trabajo académico y de consultoría se centra en elevar los perfiles de las mujeres ejecutivas para llegar a puestos de alta dirección.

  • Seth


    Developer, Designer and Innovator @Fidelity... My comments and opinions are my own...

  • maria m m

    maria m m

    Hi! You can learn more about me at pistachiopony.com

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