Cloudbreakr: The Medium is the Marketing

Cloubreakr creates campaigns for companies in Greater Southeast Asia to leverage Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and their local audiences to deliver marketing for brands.

Here’s how they iterated to find product/market fit:

1. They started first by having coffee chats with brand managers, or people in middle management, but realized they were learning about the business side, while most brands were focused more on Facebook, while they were focused on video and Instagram, which had not quite captured brand attention.

2.Sometimes you have to use your own product to find product/market fit.

Edwin Wong is a founder from Hong Kong. He started Cloudbreakr about four years ago.

Cloudbreakr is an influencer platform service that helps brands and agencies find Key Opinion Leaders and content to deliver marketing to target audiences in Asia.

When he and his team started, they tried to convince brands to use video on YouTube and Instagram as branding channels, but they were too early.

“You can’t just sell software in Asia without additional value,” he says.

They were coming at from the wrong direction — having coffee chats with people who couldn’t make budget decisions.

So they distributed free marketing content related to their idea, to attract people to try their data platform.

“We got new subscribers, but we didn’t achieve the conversion rate we wanted. We wanted to see people paying.”

What they needed was someone of influence. So they used their own platform, to find KOL marketing people.

Eventually, these influencers created a change in how brand leaders saw the product.

“If you give them a good insight and shift their mindset, they come to you.”



writer; CEO of a travel company

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