Reading the story of Socrates and his defense of his knowledge work in front of the Council of Athens this week has made me feel a little sad, but also resigned in the understanding that not much is different today than it was thousands of years ago. And there is not much you can do to make people smarter or improve your lot.

You can be right about many things— and idealistically right according to the cultural mores of the state — but still be considered wrong and immoral, if the desires of the collective state go against the actual…

I thought about the purpose of poetry when I was reading W.H. Auden’s Collected Poems this evening.

Alex Geers on Unsplash

Here is my definition of poetry: A kind of incantation or magical acoustic signature shaped by the human voice and ear, which binds together emotions and ideas and connects the reader to an envisioned reality. It gears the mind to focus, by attracting it to details, objects, and language through sound and meter, whether or not the reality the reader focuses on is a clear objectively described one, or a more metaphysical one that is derived from the reader’s private perceptions.

The “poem”…

My readings of modern literature continue, this time with my journey through “Tender Is The Night,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

This is a fantastic book and one of the leading candidates for symbol of the modernist literature movement — probing the human conscience and consciousness; dissecting affairs of the heart; unflinching examination of the motives that lead us to cheat, steal, lie or fail at life

Fitzgerald is the author of “The Great Gatsby,” and I consider him to be one of the consummate writers of mental anguish, guilt and greed in the 20th Century. In my opinion, he gives Ernest Hemingway a run for his money, as I think Hemingway is too self-involved, and intentionally obtuse when it comes to examining feelings and motivations. Where Hemingway sticks to a default cynicism and leaves it at that, Fitzgerald graces his cynicism with a hopeful examination of…

Last night, a Beeple digital art piece sold at a Christie’s auction for over US$69 million. Beeple was born in 1981 and has made his art life on the Internet.

photo credit, Beeple and Christie’s Fine Arts

The US$69 million hammer fall is not a staggering amount in the fine arts auction world, but the context of this sale represents a giant problem solver and a windfall for creators.

It’s concept is so simple that it’s been readily ignored. The prices are making people pay attention. Where some people see a mania and a fad, others see a new way of doing industry. I am in that…

One of the trends that measures how hot the Bitcoin bull rally is running is the number of new Bitcoin wallets entering the Top 300.

Currently there are five new whale-sized wallet addresses that have entered into the top 300, all in the span of the first week of January 2021. Overall in January 2021, there are a total of 11 new wallets.

The current new wallets are: 32; 35; 36; 49; 103; 239; 240; 241; 276; 293; and 298. The last five are the newest, by my estimation.

I look for trends like the addition of new wallet adresses…

Being divisive is actually super important to developing a tangible investment strategy that is built out of empirical experience. In my experience, you have to fight to gain experience. And you have to struggle to get to the point where you see the truth, rather than accept what most consider to be the truth.

If you can’t be hard-edged to do that fighting, then you don’t belong in non-mainstream, non-cautious investing. Venture capital especially is all about taking the risk, and the first thing you have to fight through to take risk is other people’s complacency.

And complacency is the…

My goal was to read “The Wasteland” by T.S. Eliot and “Self-Reliance” by Ralph Waldo Emerson this weekend. I accomplished both, but I think I got inspiration from Emerson’s essay. I thought Eliot’s long four part poem was way too abstract. There are a lot of lessons in it for modern poetry and things like canonic literature, but nothing that I think is immediately useful.

Where The Wasteland is an exploration of spiritual ennui in a modern world that has no direction, Emerson’s essay is of a more rooted time, before the American Civil War, during a time when a…

Tonight the Hong Kong government will enforce stricter Covid-19 rules and that means restaurants will close at six, bars will be closed indefinitely, and gyms, nail salons and massage places will be boarded up. The measures will stay in place until the fourth wave of coronavirus passes through and Hong Kong lowers its daily infection rate from over 100 per day to in the single digits.

They are for the first time using mandatory testing for any individuals who have visited five sites of local super spreading infection.

The city has passed a law that enables it to shut down…

Despite being held by world class investors like Paul Tudor Jones and Stanley Druckenmiller, bitcoin still seems as incongruous to the financial system as a sex robot with a chest cold.

Photo by Nice M Nshuti on Unsplash

While Michael Saylor may have put US$500 million of his company’s reserve assets into bitcoin, many institutional funds are still wary of deploying capital into bitcoin because of its reputation as a black market tool and a currency for criminals.

Oh, about that MicroStrategy allocation: Saylor is issuing another US$400M in private securities for the purpose of buying more bitcoin.

Douglas Crets

writer; CEO of a travel company

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